Free Viral Traffic Scams๐Ÿ‘Œ

Many of them are unworkable or simply feed your emails to a list that someone would want to sell you junk – and of course you will be stuck first promoting the product(s) of other people until you see any real traffic or forced to “upgrade” to the paid version to make it work.

In all kinds of marketing, I have seen this difference. Generally speaking, you are advised that your URL will go viral and you add your website to a list of five other individuals who have done the same. Go somewhere now and give this to some individuals and they will do the same to make millions of people see your ad / URL.

So this fails miserably again as individuals are only concerned about themselves and don’t care about your achievement. The best viral traffic deals that seem to have some promise still include an element of what’s in it for me, but it is the ORIGINATOR of this initiative that does not give the people who add and push this to other people the real traffic advantage.

You need to be the Maker of a viral traffic idea again and have part of this page dedicated to something that you know these individuals will benefit from instantly or it won’t work.

In this game, don’t be a victim, make sure you get the right information from the start.

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