What Is Money?πŸ‘Œ

There are a lot of theories about what people think money is, you see.

Some claim that it is a measuring form.

Yes, but a gauge of what? Riches? People calculated wealth in the olden days by how many cows, sheep, and horses they had. But do people calculate the resources of cows and horses today? Slaves, how about? Was there a time when manpower was known as a hot commodity? Are slaves today worth anything? If a recession hits the world, are your dollar bills sitting in the bank going to help you? No, the dollar bill cannot quantify money.

It is said by some to be a source of control.

Yes, money will give you strength, but if you’re stuck with a trillion dollars on a desert island forever, would that money mean squatting? If anyone offered you water and a helicopter to fly out of there, in a split second you would exchange all your money, because money is not an effective power calculation. It depends heavily on how you use it (hint!) and wisely.

Some believe that is the source of all evil… and a few others, without much doubt, support this view.

Now, now, now, now… money is NOT the source of all evil (otherwise, why do you think churches still accept charity and monetary gifts?). The root of all evil is the love of money. Bear in mind, money is a wonderful servant, but a horrible master. Money has control over your time and life if you are selling your life away for a profit.

And unless you have proper financial knowledge, as seen mainly in cheats, robbers, offenders, breakups, freeloaders, cheapskates, and more to mention, the lack of money will spawn a lot of evil thinking and negative thinking.

But really, what is money?

Money, supported by trust, is an idea.

Although money was inevitably produced in the older days by merchants to replace the dubious barter system, the rich and wealthy literally invent money today.

Entrepreneurs are able to part with their money in order to buy time for other citizens. The time of other people, i.e. workers and self-employed persons, becomes the commodity of their employer, and employers continue to generate more money for themselves with this priceless resource.

And here is the thing: you are oppressed by it as long as you work for money! 80 percent – 90 percent of the world today is involuntarily enslaved.

What we do not know is that at whatever price there is a part of our soul that can not be bought. Could you cut your little finger off if your employer suddenly gave you 24 months of your salary? We are worth more than that, you and I know. But we may make our eyeballs pop out of our eye sockets when you hear about cases of people selling their body parts for cash in certain countries.

On the other hand, often we sell out a part of ourselves, like a donkey and a carrot, for money.

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