Awareness Before Change🤔

Don’t get me wrong now: I’m not struggling to work at work (I worked at one before I became an Internet Entrepreneur).

But let’s face it: in every time of history, our needs today are growing more than ever before. Prices are going up, not salaries. There are more baby boomers than ever before, and they have very little money to show for their decades of service.

And how many people really, really hate the unhealthy, hectic lifestyle of waking up early, dealing with tension for most parts of the day, entering traffic jams, wasting more money and time commuting, enjoying very little rest, and continuing the vicious cycle is no guessing.

Definitely doesn’t paint a good picture of finances and lifestyle, huh?

Being conscious of the issue is the first step towards progress. If you want to make some changes in life to begin taking control of your financial life and then get out of the rat race, knowledge before change (or ABC for short) is needed.

To know what state we are in, we need awareness so that we know where we are headed. For instance, indulge me in a short exercise as we briefly leave this chapter:

Money And Time

In the world, there are typically 4 types of people:

No time, and no money, either.

The division includes most staff. On a Tuesday afternoon, you can’t go shopping or shoot your boss whenever you want. Many employers can’t even save their pension money for 3 years!

No time, plenty of cash.

In this group are self-employed, professionals, and small business owners. Since they earn more, they are marginally better off than the worker, but they have to work much harder than workers to keep up with the shrinking profit margins, rivalry, and customer service.

Have time, no cash.

A lot of farmers, peasants, dropouts, or bums from college have a lot of time but no income. Ignorance, perhaps, is paradise, but without a steady source of revenue, how long will you go on for several days?

Have time and lots of cash.

It is the group of which the owners of big companies, landlords, investors are. Imagine not having to work for cash, but having money to work for you by saving it and making profits by making money with your money.

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