3 Ways of Making Money👌

Let’s summarize the 3 Ways of Making Money

  • Trading Time For Money – employees, self-employed
  • Manifesting & Using Creative Ideas – inventors, artists, programmers
  • Leveraging on resources and other people – business people, leaders

Have you ever explored writing an e-book about your area of expertise, if you are a professional? It could provide a new income source if well published, instead of you selling out your time serving your customers.

How about a programmer for computers? Instead of selling your ideas to the firm for which you work, you can come up with your own creative product.

Instead of selling houses, you can pool financial resources to buy houses cheaply, raise their value and sell them at a higher price. How about real estate? To find good ideas just takes a little time and analysis.

Is money an issue? If you can take the chance, search out loans. Some investors pool money or pursue a grant. When it comes to making cash, the sky is the limit.

Again, which way do you want wealth to be achieved? Answer: It is up to you entirely.

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