Invest in Yourself🤔

“Invest in Yourself” is the most relevant and No.1 rule-if you don’t, who else will?

Until you leave college, your parents can only invest in your education. This, though, is just the simple necessities that are offered and does not teach you valuable lessons about financial education.

In order to teach you how to make money, will you rely on colleges or universities? Many colleges only teach you skills so that you can earn money working for other individuals. How about school for business? Honestly, if business lecturers are such business experts, why do they still lecture there rather than make a fortune in company ventures?

Would your boss teach you how to be good in business so that you’ll be in his place one day?

You and you alone ought to be proactive enough to take responsibility for this

You see, it means taking on the importance of educating yourself when you invest in yourself. Training is not in the academic or technological context, although the skills to be learned in life are important. At college, our education doesn’t end.

For most working adults, when they leave college, their education enters the retardation process. They stop learning and they stop developing because of that. During their busy lunch breaks, they just grow sideways from consuming so many pizzas or take-out.

We know that IQ is important, right? So why aren’t the world’s most intelligent people the world’s richest people? Every evening, many accountants and financial advisors hurry to their cars trying to avoid the traffic congestion after work! They aren’t wealthy!

How about the emotional quotient or EQ? Can our financial situation be fixed by working hard, having a great attitude and a good mindset? When running a company, these are important, but let me illustrate:

If you use the wrong road map to travel from Boston to New York, you can not get to our destination no matter how fast you drive your car (working hard)! You can work harder, but you can get to the wrong destination more easily! You may have the best attitude or the most optimistic outlook in the world, but you still won’t get to New York (although since you feel positive about it, the journey wouldn’t bother you).

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