The Importance Of Financial Education🤔

You have to invest FIRST in your financial IQ.

It is not about saving loads of money or throwing it into mutual funds to get a strong financial IQ. It is making resources for a stable relationship and building a wealth of assets that will create money for you.

What does it take for your financial IQ to develop?

One of the most significant aspects of improving your financial IQ is delayed gratification. Take this as an example of a hypothetical.

Will you have a pint of milk or a cow to pay for it?

When you buy milk, you drink it, and it’s over. When it is done, you will have to purchase milk over and over again. And if the milk costs less than a cow, you will always be buying milk over and over again in the long run.

Today, if a cow were to cost 50 times more than milk, when you buy a cow, you could pay through your nose, but after you drink 50 pints of cow’s milk, you’d break even on your investment and save more money in the future. In reality, 2 or more calves could be given birth by the cow and you could sell one of them for profit!

Only get the idea?

EVERYONE is able to generate money. You could sell the car for more money than if it were just a beat up old car if you take a beat up old car and give it an upgrade, paint it with a fresh coat of paint, and change a few more pieces to make it start running again. In the end, you would have produced wealth!

How about the farm? Wouldn’t the value of the farmland multiply increase if you convert a farm into a country home getaway resort?

For cooks, computer programmers and craftspeople, it is the same concept. The sum of the whole is higher than the elements. Even from thin air, we are all capable of creating wealth and that is the first step to getting our creative juices flowing.

Supply and demand determine the worth of something.

To understand this, you don’t have to be an economics student. Money is merely a concept. Remember the example of a desert island? The real money calculation is not the cents or dollars that it reflects.

If you have made a product that customers like, are they going to pay you more than usual? Will you contribute your experience to the production of good assets?

That’s the bottom-line:

Invest in properties that carry value for the long term. Anything that brings more money to you is an opportunity. Do not spend too much on liabilities, such as vehicles or ships.

Also houses are not considered assets until they are completely paid off (is your house an asset or liability if you lose your work tomorrow and you can’t pay for your house?)

Are you prepared to step out of your comfort zone and pay the financial IQ price or disregard the signs of the times and expect your boss, government and bank to take financial care of you for the rest of your life, live below your means and never take risks to improve the future of your family?

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