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Blogging has quickly become the key traffic generating method for both beginner and advanced marketers. It is a simple and effective way to build and maintain relationships with clients, workers, colleagues, and peers, and best of all, to ensure that listings in search engines and forums are consistent and easier to link to.

While many people say that ‘the money is on the list,’ and while that’s still real, the idea that the Internet is shifting in favor of blogs has a certain element of reality. This move means that while you may not make the same kinds of sales as you do on lists through your site, blogs are still a strong and convincing way to make money online and create your list, of course.

Blogging and list building does not need to be mutually exclusive either – both methods complement each other very deeply and will allow you to broaden your scope exponentially.

At first, this expansion of scope will seem sluggish, but one of the best things about it is that people will remember and refer you, of course, if you give them serious value – something that most new bloggers forget.

One very powerful principle – participation – is found in blogs.

You will find that people are more interested in what you are saying through conversation, and you will gain insight into how your business actually operates, which, in turn, gives you the opportunity to drill into your chosen specialty field even more.

You can create an incredible, entertaining, and useful blog with a little guidance, preparation, and work that is a credit to your business and a customer-based link that rewards you and them with a rich relationship – and rewards you with loyal customers who, if possible, will follow you to the ends of the world.

You will either make friends or enemies based on your blogging style, but either way, they WILL comment on your blog.

Individuals who comment are more likely to return to your website, and those who return will provide you with reviews and more content. Blogs are winning, so why don’t you go out today and get one?

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