Small business growth is exploding worldwide

As small business growth is exploding worldwide, there is an urgent need for business help and marketing support for entrepreneurs.

Technology has been one of the most powerful avenues in information dissemination, promotion of products and services, business transactions and even in leisure and lifestyle explorations.

The worldwide web is a breakthrough in the information technology industry, as everybody is going in that same area of productivity, Social Boost Virtual Assistance (SocialBoostVA) came up a Social Media Services for Micro and Small Business Enterprises.

We can take social media off to your day to day “activities” so that you can concentrate on doing the very best you can – growing your small business and concentrate on operations. We understand that you have about a hundred things to do each day, but Social Media and Internet presence tasks don’t have to be one of them.

Here are the reasons why we are doing Virtual Assistance Services and the present business development trends.

Yahoo! information shows that an average of 543,000 new small businesses are being registered each month.

This amount exceeds 6.5 million annually. While only a tiny number of these firms manage to survive in the long run, the competition is still rigid.

There are 30.2 million tiny companies in the US, according to the

For those of you asking what proportion of the economy is small business; by 2018, 99.9 percent of American businesses are micro-businesses. Small and micro companies currently employ over 47.5 percent of the U.S. private workers and represent 1.9 million fresh employment in 2017. Small companies, identified as an economic engine, stay an essential component of the financial landscape of the state.

Micro-enterprises account for 75.3 percent of workers in the private sector, according to Blue Corona.

The most prevalent type of business with fewer than ten staff. They account for 75.3 percent of all workers in the private sector but have a tiny proportion of jobs, i.e. only 10.5 percent of all jobs in the private sector.

Fifty percent of all U.S. companies are operating from home.

According to SBA stats, 50% of tiny companies are home-based, including 60.1% of unpaid companies. These businesses ‘ most prevalent form is the sole proprietorship.

19% of micro and small company owners operate over 60 hours a week, according to Fundera.

It’s not simple to be a tiny company’s large boss. Small business owners are more difficult to operate than the average employee. In the research undertaken by Fundera, 81 percent of participants reported working evenings and 89 percent working weekends. Moreover, 70% said they work over 40 hours a week with 19% working over 60 hours.

Based on Clutch. Stats indicate that there is a website for 64 percent for small companies.

Despite the reality that tiny companies benefit from having a website, one-third of them still have no website. They point out that the primary reasons for not getting a website are cost, irrelevance to the sector, and social media.

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