Managing And Recruiting Affiliates

Once affiliates start to sign up, even though they are immediately accepted by you, it is in your best interest to periodically audit your network. Now the FTC is holding advertisers liable for their affiliates’ actions. It could cost you a lot of money if your affiliates get out of reach.

You’ll be signing up for your program with hundreds of affiliates. Hobbyists, webmasters, spammers, and even advertisers. It is very important that you periodically check each one to ensure that the way they promote you is relevant to your business and above all, legal.

Below while screening, you can find some tips:

1. An successful website must be open to all affiliates. They could be spammers, if not.

2. The content of the affiliate site must be linked to your goods or services.

3. Relevant levels of material should be on the web.

4. Content misuse. Be very clear with your affiliates and what content from your website they should use.

Fraud by affiliates

Over the last few years, fraud with affiliates has been growing, which is another great reason to periodically screen your affiliates. With fraud, two major forms exist:

Malware – Several affiliates have created software that, typically as part of a free download, is installed on a computer. When anyone clicks the affiliate connection, the scam replaces the real affiliate ID.

False purchasing – If you have a high-value product that returns significant affiliate commissions, you can find that certain bad parties sign up, then use stolen or fake credit card details to buy goods through their links.

Interacting with associates

As they can easily forget about your services and goods, good affiliates are usually busy. As time goes by, your deals can end up less or unintentionally deleted in less visited areas.

Staying in touch with your affiliates, even more so with the high performers, is extremely necessary. Do not wait for them to contact you as if you do it typically means a problem is reported. By taking the time to email them, you indicate that the relationship concerns you.

As an excuse for contacting your power affiliates, you don’t need a new product. Even if it’s just a short note to ask if there is anything they need. You can also use the opportunity for your program reviews as well.

Managing a good affiliate network, since you will have to get involved, is not an easy job that you can completely automate. Happy affiliates are more effective, and the more money they make, the more money your business also makes.

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