Welcome to our Apprenticeships Program

The Apprenticeship Program & Internship Opportunities are a great way to put your freelancing skills to the test while still gaining valuable online work experience and certification.

Apprenticeship Objective

You’ll be doing hands-on work with SocialBoostVA and other companies. You’ll be able to work from anywhere, just like a true freelancer.

The aim of this program is for you to be able to assist real-time operations while also improving your skills, trust, and experience. We want to improve not just your online job skills but also your work ethics so you can be effective freelancing.

Basic Requirements

  • Open to all freelancers and aspiring virtual assistants who have completed any Virtual Assistant & Freelancing Courses, and all who want to gain freelancing experience. If you have no basic training on virtual assistance, please send a message so that we can recommend a better coaches for basic training.

Roles and Responsibilities but are not limited to:

Basic Virtual Assistance, Affiliate Marketing, Brand Marketing & Advertising, Business & Product Development, Client Prospecting, Copywriting, Digital Marketing, Content Marketing (Graphics Design & Video Creation), Email Marketing, Social Media Management & Marketing,  Search Engine Optimization, Video Marketing, Lead Generation, Project Management, Website Design, Facebook Advertising, Re-writing Articles.

The Apprenticeship comes in 3 phases:

1. Phase 1 – Internship with SocialBoostVA
2. Phase 2 – Internship with other businesses
3. Phase 3 – Generating Leads and Client Hunting

Each phase will require with the minimum of 10 hours per week for one (1) month. You are only permitted to take one step per apprenticeship batch, and you must first complete phase 1 before moving on to phases 2 and 3.

How it Works?

When you first start your Social Media Apprenticeship, you may be tweeting to hundreds of thousands of people! Digital Marketing Apprenticeships frequently include social media, which can give you a more comprehensive approach and can include websites, forums, and emails as well. Get valuable experience and certifications that could lead to a position with Social Boost Virtual Assistance!

For one month, you’ll work with a business on a real project that will provide you with experience in social media marketing.

Fee – US$20 per phase (Learn Today and Pay Later Program, limited time only)

  • Payments are non-refundable and non-transferrable.
  • The internship will be for one month per phase.

Applicants need to send their application detailing the freelancing skills they want to gain experience with the following:

  • 1.) Course Completion Certification if any
  • 2.) 1-2 minutes seconds video introduction, you can state your reasons why you want to apply for the apprenticeship.
  • 3.) Portfolio and resume.

Example: Email Subject – Social Media Manager Apprenticeship Application

  • Apprenticeships can be started at any point in time. An online interview may or may not be needed, depending on the application you submitted.
  • Every month on the 20th, apprenticeships begin.
  • Each batch of apprenticeships is protected for four weeks or one month.
  • We have no contractual obligations to an intern.
  • Both of the outputs will be owned by the client. On the other side, the copy can be used in portfolios.
  • Ensure that no copyright breaches exist in any of the material. We are not liable for any copyright infringements.
  • Interns must send a weekly report to the Coach and Mentor outlining completed, ongoing, and challenging assignments, as well as notes/thoughts/suggestions.
  • If apprentices are unable to complete the assignment for a valid cause after one month, we will give them a second chance.
  • After the assessment, apprentices who completed phase 1 tasks will move on to phase 2 tasks.
  • Both interns should make a commitment to completing the task in the order specified.
  • Applicants in Phase 2 would also have to sign an online agreement.

Benefits of Apprenticeship

  • Access, create and download unlimited slideshow videos for different local business niches from our cloud-based marketing tools such as Real Estate Video FX, Health Video FX, Video Cover FX,  Video Ads FX, Video Story FX just to name a few that cost hundreds of dollars.  Maximum of 3 months.
  • Generate additional income on performance-based (pay per sale) with our affiliate marketing system.

After the apprenticeship has finished, SocialBoostVA will issue a Certificate of Apprenticeship for each completed process 15 days later. Everyone will be given a score based on the following performance criteria:

  • Strategy Planning & Execution
  • Creative Mindset – resourceful
  • Leadership –  can work with minimum supervision
  • Time Management – Ability to meet deadlines
  • Communication
 Overall Experience: SocialBoostVA’s overall apprenticeship experience.
If you have any questions and concerns, please send a message to our helpdesk.