We include “Article Creation & Article Re-Writing” to help busy small business owners or professionals maintain a good presence on the Internet and social media, so that when your customers and prospective customers go looking for you, you are there. And you’re not just there, you’re there all the time, building your relevance, your reputation, and your accessibility.

We provide a Virtual Assistance service for an Article Creation & Re-Writing Service at a cost you can afford

For one crazy small cost–only $12 (per article), with a minimum of 5 articles –you will receive a quality article. Never worry about missing another time to do this task!

Article Creation & Re-Writing Tasks:

  • Keyword research, branding, and optimization for your targetted keyword or phrase.
  • Information research about your requested articles.
  • Write / Re-write an article based on our research subject to your approval, photos and images will be from non-copyright sources.
  • Schedule and post the article to your blog or profiles for your Facebook page, and one of your preferred networks (Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest or Instagram).

Article Creation & Re-Writing

$12 per article, with a minimum of 5 articles based on your selected topics and industry.

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