Blast It Ads, FFA’s, And Your Ad to Millions

You’re told you can blast an ad to MILLIONS of places that will explode your traffic, sales and help your lists expand for a fee (or your email).

What you are NOT told is that they simply put your ad on some buried low-value website page by a bot for all websites (called FFA’s) and your ad will NEVER be seen by anyone.

Your ad would undoubtedly be submitted to or posted to millions of these types of pages, but if no person ever sees these advertisements. What are the right ones?

For one purpose, people set up these kinds of sites; to be able to give you SPAM!

You consent to receive email updates about your ad status when you sign up to get your ad released, which seems fair.

Marketers will give you repeated confirmations of your ad (your ad is live, your ad is now on page 5, please bump it back to page 1, your ad is no longer shown, please refresh your ad) and, of course, promote all sorts of crap to you in the process of sending emails to riders.

You should expect spam mail from OCEANS and note that most of these commercials will inevitably roll off these websites, so you’ll have to post again and again.

What is the use, anyway? What good is it if only bots (and maybe you) see your ad? If you own one and turn the tables on these gurus, FFA’s (free for all sites) have little meaning to you.

Don’t be a victim in this game, make sure you get the right knowledge from the start

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