Blogger or WordPress?

Blogger and WordPress are the two main hosted blog styles, and you can find that if you don’t host it yourself, these two are ranked the highest when debating where your blog is best to host.

Which of the two services is stronger, therefore?

Ultimately, both platforms will give you a solid and strong foundation from which to write, but there are a few distinct differences between WordPress and Blogger.


WordPress hosted services are not meant to be used for commercial purposes, but most individuals are. You get a choice of themes (and you can’t create your own theme without paying) and a choice of plugins. For a charge, you can ‘map’ your domain to the web, giving you the appearance of yourself hosting it.

Hosted WordPress (at is almost similar to your own hosting, other than the apparent ‘bonus’ of not really having to take care of your installation. But the drawbacks include being at the mercy of a third-party website and having to pay for extra services. These still cost less than yourself purchasing hosting and setting up the blog.


Owned by Google, Blogger is built around ease of use. You can host your blog on your own site or on a domain of your choosing ( Blogger does not use plugins, but allows you, under some restrictions, to use your own theme.

A massive community has been developed around Blogger, but unlike, both commercial and non-commercial blogs are allowed, which means they are more vulnerable to spam.

Up to the conclusion. Play with both WordPress and Blogger if you just can’t host your own blog on your own domain, but basically, the only difference would be in which one you’re more comfortable with. And that is the one that you want to use.

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