FAQ - Plans and Pricing

Most frequent questions and answers

Account creation if you have no social media presence (Value: US$125)

Social Media Branding & Optimization (Value: US$125)

Facebook Video Cover (Value: US$50)

We’ll go through your social media profiles and make sure they’re up to date and complete, as well as to make it easier for consumers and prospects to find you online.

Unique content specifically on the theme of your company and carefully chosen to interest your target audience.

The time of your post will also be determined by the time zone of your target market.

Content posts are empowerment, product, business, entertaining and educational.

Consistent use of keywords and hashtags to boost, build and grow visibility and engagements

Weekly marketing of the enterprise’s goods and services.

Unique content specifically on the theme of your company and carefully chosen to interest your target audience.

HQ 1080*1080 graphics will be used with all custom branded graphics.

The same graphics will be shared across all of your social media platforms to ensure continuity.

Canva will be used to create all of the graphics we create for you, and you can request editing access.

You can review/edit any of the material in advance if you’re on the Regular plan or higher.

We normally prepare content 7-10 days ahead of time.

No, there is no contract. However, we have terms of use https://socialboostva.com/tos/

Yes, at any time you can upgrade or downgrade your plan.

You can cancel your plan at any time, but we’ll need 30 days’ notice to stop working and billing you. Since the essence of our low-cost social media marketing service necessitates posting ahead of time, we must request a 30-day notice.

Yes, for the Starter Plan, we have a 7-day no-questions-asked refund policy. We will refund the entire sum if you are not happy with our service within 7 days of placing your order. There were no questions answered.

We’ve been doing social media content creation and management for over 3 years and have established good internal processes to ensure high-quality results.

Our entire team has received social media management and marketing training. Our editing process is also meticulous, ensuring that all content is double-checked before being uploaded.

Writing blogs is included in our Advance and Premium plans. We’ll write up to 500 words blog posts for your blog that are optimized for search engines using your keywords and topics. These will be written specifically for you in order to reach your readers, increase traffic to your website, and promote your products and services.

Make certain of this. There are no additional fees. You are just charged with what you see. We don’t have any contracts, either. Your contract will be billed monthly, and you can cancel it at any time.

Our most affordable kit, the Starter Plan, comes with a small set of features. As a result, we strongly advise at least three months of continued operation to achieve the best performance. We’ll give you a 10% discount on your max, so instead of $294, you’ll pay $264 for three months.

FAQ - Content Creation & Posting

Most frequent questions and answers

You can be assured. To engage your audience, all of the content we publish will be custom-crafted for your company by a professional content specialist. Even though our social media marketing services are inexpensive, the standard isn’t ‘cheap.’

Your account manager will update your profiles with content based on the information you provided and the interactions you had with them. As a result, the material we publish is frequently in line with your ideas. However, if you don’t like any of the material we’ve written, simply notify your account manager, and we’ll take care of it.

We encourage our clients to provide us with content reviews as often as possible. It doesn’t matter whether it’s good or bad. We always want to make sure that our social media posting style suits your brand voice.

We’ll ask you a few quick questions about your company after you order your SocialBoostVA plan. 

Your responses will assist the account manager in comprehending what you do, your business, target audience, and brand voice, among other items. 

Your account manager will use this information to study your website, past social media posts, related connections, and everything else needed for our social media posting services. 

They’ll also give you an email with a preview of the content we’ll be posting and ask for your input.

Yes, we certainly can. The Starter plan and higher include the development and optimization of social media accounts.

Yes, we’ll need login information for Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram.

You can make us a “manager/editor” of the page on other networks, such as Facebook, and LinkedIn, without having to provide login information.

Without a doubt. Give them directly to your SocialBoostVA account manager. Your account manager will make the required arrangements.

Within three working days of receiving your low-cost high quality social media marketing plan, we’ll begin working on your accounts. Please make sure that after you place your order, you grant us access to your social media accounts. We won’t be able to post anything until you give us permission.

If you pick “create accounts for me,” we’ll create accounts for you and get you up and running in three business days.

We do, in reality. You will get a 10% discount on every SocialBoostVA plan (including Custom Plan and Custom Amount Plan) if you order it for three months.

You can open a support ticket to us for a discounted quote if you want to buy several plans at once or pay for any plan in advance for 6/12 months.

Yes, we certainly can. Our strategies on Premium plan are customized to the needs of large and developing corporations.

Yes, indeed. After all, they’re yours!

We’ll manage your social media, but you can still join if you like!

Yes, of course! To see a few recent examples of our work, go to https://socialboostva.com/works.

If you’d like to see more, please contact us!

I’m glad you inquired! Our flagship product is social media marketing services, SocialBoostVA, also provides other digital marketing services.

Please visit https://socialboostva.com/shop for more information.

When it comes to our programs, ROI shouldn’t be limited to the amount of money you make. Since our services are predominantly based on social media management, the time and money you save, as well as the brand equity created by competent content and management, should be factored in. We assume that actually saving time and having better output is worth the investment.

You can simply save them to a Dropbox or Google Drive folder and share the connection with us! Those will be included in the material.

Yes, indeed. We’ll build and distribute the same content across all social media channels to ensure continuity. However, rest assured that the captions, or text of the message, will be optimized for platforms such as Twitter and Instagram.

Yes, indeed. We’ll produce and distribute the same content across all social media channels to ensure continuity. However, rest assured that the captions, or text of the message, will be optimized for platforms such as Twitter and Instagram.

FAQ - SocialBoostVA account

Most frequent questions and answers

Select the best social media management plan that suits your budget at https://socialboostva.com/plans/ and add it to your shopping cart. You can build a SocialBoostVA account by signing up. Any SocialBoostVA package will be available for immediate purchase.

Click the ‘My Account’ tab from the menu; you should see the ‘Forgot your password?’ option. To receive a reset password email, please click on it and enter your email address on the next screen.

Please contact us by submitting a support ticket to the Billing Department at https://socialboostva.com/my-tickets/, and a member of the billing department will update your billing information.

Simply log in to your SocialBoostVA account and go to https://socialboostva.com/my-tickets/ to submit a support ticket to the Billing Department.

When you upgrade, you will be paid on a pro-rata basis for the first month.

Simply log in to your SocialBoostVA account and open a support ticket with the Billing Department at https://socialboostva.com/my-tickets/ to cancel your contract.