Gaining Insight Through Monitoring Social Media Platforms👌

Gaining insight by tracking sites for social media

Many social media advertisers are solely interested in cranking out as much content as possible and earning ‘eyeballs’ for it. Smart marketers recognize that social networking is not a one-way lecture, but a way to communicate with your target audience. It’s not about eyeballs, but participation, with website users and social media followers taking the actions you want them to take.

As part of driving interaction, it can also be about using what you hear to underpin both your marketing and product development decisions when watching social networks.

Online Niche Marketing

One of the reasons online marketing has been so effective is that it enables those interested in your niche/industry to have unprecedented access. Niche marketing can be done by topic-related message boards, forums, and social site groups instead of scattershot marketing such as broadcast ads, which is not very specific.

You will find the answers to all-important sales and marketing questions in this way, such as:

  • What does my target market care about?
  • What are the most common ‘pain points’ of those interested in my niche?
  • What is trending in relation to my niche?
  • What trends are driving sales?
  • Who are my main competitors?
  • How do my products compare or differ?
  • What social media marketing efforts on their part might be worth imitating?

Engagement, not eyeballs

In a well-stocked pond, niche marketing is like fishing. You know that there’s your quarry; you just have to come up with the right lure to make them nibble. The bait can be all of your social efforts, demonstrating that you have the answers they need and for which they are worth doing business.

Engagement can take a variety of forms. It is up to you to build the possibilities for you to participate and track the outcomes. For instance, if you want to add more people to your email marketing list, create a special report or e-course, and then add it to your list. Track how many new subscribers you have.

For info on social media purchases, create a special offer for the target audience of and social media site. Avoid the desire to deliver the same offer at the same time on all platforms. For each social media site, monitor your findings.

Create content that is so convincing that your followers would be able to share it with other people they meet, who are also interested in your niche, to get an insight into brand building and growing reach.

Track your click-through rate and involvement in taking the action you intend in terms of ads. Ad on Facebook and Twitter is much more focused than Google AdWords, but much cheaper, too.

Riding the trends

Seeing what is trending is another significant reason to track social media sites. In all of your posts, you don’t need to try to be topical, but if there is a chance to connect your products with breaking news or a hot subject, it may be worth a try. You will all be shown lists of what is most searched for or involved with on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Tumblr. Enter in a supportive way in the conversation to see how much attention you and your brand will get.

The power of social search

Discovering who is seeking you through social search is one of the most significant reasons for tracking your social network behavior. That is network searches, not by search engines like Google.

Because it will lead to your account and to groups, social search is important. To be discovered, you must be involved in the network, but once you have established your account, you will be amazed at how much traffic you can drive through free and paid means.

Track not just eyeballs, but interaction, and see if it can make a difference to your marketing efforts.

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