How to Increase Sales Through Streaming Audio

Many studies have shown that for product marketing, radio is a strong medium. For entertainment, people listen to the radio, usually to listen to the new music or to their favorite radio show. Advertisements on goods and services are played in between the program.

This has been the theme in advertising for many years. But now that the radio medium is almost behind the audio-visual medium, TV, and the Internet, it is important to employ other marketing tactics to continue the advantages of audio ads.

The advantages of the use of music on websites were then discovered. Before, music was only available in downloadable formats on the Internet as mp3. Businesses have been able to get a lot of traffic on their websites, including by storing downloaded music on their servers. And everyone involved in internet marketing knows that traffic on websites plays a major role in improving sales of goods and services.

There was however a problem of unauthorized streaming of music in which artists, musicians and record labels lost millions of revenues.

Then came the popularity of streaming music on the Internet. Radio streaming, unlike the former, does not allow the download of music files. Thus the artists’ and record label owners’ copyrights are protected.

So how is it possible to do this? There are many ways to stream your site’s audio. Next a radio program from your website or blog should be streamed. Free affiliate programs can be found to allow you to stream their radio content from your site.

What’s this going to mean to you? This implies that any time it is viewed, your site will have new audio material. What’s nice is that even without much effort from you the content is being changed.

What you had to do in this case was sign up for an Internet radio station and have the connection embedded on your blog or website.

Streaming mp3s is another process. You just need to upload your mp3files to a server to do this and add the links to the files to the page. The browser opens a media player window when the connection is clicked, and plays a video. However, it can also be downloaded because the file is in mp3 format. It is illegal to download music files without the copyright owner’s permission. Therefore if this form of streaming is being used, make sure you have the necessary permission to do so.

By arranging playlists, a third way to add audio to your blog or website is to stream music. Playlists are m3u files that if downloaded, do not play music while they are offline. However, it can be complex to use this process. Here is a simple reference as to how to do it.

  1. Save your WMA or mp3 file to the server. If you know the file exists on another server and know the path to that file, you can skip this stage. Make sure the connection has an extension of .mp3 or .wma.
  1. Open your text editor and type the file path. Please include the http:// extension and the file extension. Repeat this process until all the links to the files you would like to be included in the playlist have been included.
  2. With the .m3u extension, save the playlist.
  3. Upload the m3u file to the directory that hosts the music files or to your server.
  4. Open the html editor and embed the m3u file connection. Via this, if you want to have the playlist to autoplay if anyone visits your site, you can also set it if you want your visitor to monitor the music playing. The volume level can also be set.

The songs in the playlist will be buffered, streamed, and played one after another after the code is inserted into the HTML file and whenever your site is visited. If your playlist has several tracks, the user can use the media player controls to skip forward or return a song from the playlist.

For several website owners, this configuration works. You can configure the type of music played on your site by doing this. To raise product recognition, you can also play recordings relevant to your product.

To be finished, it needs knowledge of html. But if it’s the perfect way to improve traffic to your site, why not ask programmers for assistance? Getting audio on a website, after all is an established way of growing sales.

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