Quantitative vs Qualitative Results – Why You Need Both👌

It’s important to understand the distinction between quantitative and qualitative findings before you even begin market research.

The Meanings


This method of study is used to collect numerical data and statistics so that you can put a number from your sample population with the attitudes, beliefs, behaviors, and other variables you identify. This knowledge is measurable and can be used for identifying patterns and formulating facts.

You’ll use surveys, face-to-face and telephone interviews, long-term research, polls, and more to collect this sort of information.


To get an idea of the reasons why everything is as it is, this method of analysis is used. Not only that, you would want to understand the perceptions and motives of your audience and feel how they feel, and for you, qualitative outcomes will do that. With qualitative research, the feedback that you get will show you how your audience thinks and feels and what they need and want.

You may use focus groups, individual interviews, as well as observation techniques for small groups to obtain this sort of information.

Strengths and Debilidades

There are positives and disadvantages of all forms of outcomes.


It may also include associations that really have no real sense and provide a lot of knowledge in numerical form. You can end up arriving at a conclusion that is not very specific.


This type of data may detect patterns that you would not see otherwise, but to assess precision, it’s difficult to put a good value on it. It can be difficult to assess its true value without being able to put numbers on this data.

Why Both You Need

You may fill in the blanks and prove or disprove the correlation by combining both types of data.

So much matters in research results – from who conducted the research to what types of information the researcher was trying to prove or disprove. It’s clear that using both types of data will help you get more accurate results.

Each type of data from research is also relevant in its own respect. To truly know how to represent your audience, to help you make the right decision, you will need statistics and figures as well as opinions and perspectives. Both types of study outcomes would need to consist of that. You’ll get much better and more precise outcomes when you combine techniques.

In order to get the best responses, it is preferable to obtain all forms of data and then integrates them within your reports. A very good example is the Coke company and their push out of the New Coke brand. This is recognized as one of the bigger mistakes a business has made in marketing.

They probably made this mistake because they looked at one taste test against Pepsi where more people chose Pepsi. But they forgot their target audience – those who prefer Coke. By changing the flavor based on one type of research, they missed the mark in a big way and made Coke lovers across the world mad. Don’t do that; use both types of data for the very best results.

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