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An significant tip to note every now and then is that some information is checked out by people visiting the site. They can be an unforgiving lot for these surfers. They will probably visit every now and then until they discovered stuff useful for them on a site.

The reason why site maps are important is because of their helpfulness in helping surfers to understand the program and plan of the site and thus speed up the way to what the site would reveal. This is a section of the website created where a surfer or tourist can see the edifice of a website. With just a click of the keyboard’s mouse, these visitors can select the link to where they want to surf.

Sitemap Creator

Here are important key indicators of a successful site map, which enables visitors to find information on a website faster:

  • The easiest page on the website should be the site map.
  • Retain the name “Site Map” so that it would not be difficult for tourists to search for it.
  • Always avoid site maps that are “dynamic” Those in which visitors have to easily find their way to get hold of data.
  • If the site map is a list of text links, use the anchor tag’s TITLE attribute and include keywords inside it.
  • It is always useful to put a sentence explaining the content of the website below the link on a site map for that page.
  • It should not be the key website navigation, it should supplement it.
  • It is very important that there is a connection to the page of the site map and this link should be carried by all sites. The site map link can be combined with other links in the main menu on the website or put at a section on the web page from which is it clearly seen.
  • Site maps can accompany other critical factors on a web site. The link color for visited sites, for example, should vary from that of links not yet visited, so that visitors have a better understanding of which pages they have seen and therefore save time.

In addition to the benefits of a site map showing “living” surfers, it is also important for search engine robot surfers. As a web developer, the goal should be to get all the visible pages contained in the search engine database on the web site.

A site map should carry links to all from one page to another, as planned, it is an ideal type to send to search engines. Submitting the site map to a search engine could allow the search engine to rapidly index all web pages. Since I have no evidence to support this argument, I may be wrong, but it just seems reasonable.

On a similar note, however, there is still a limit to all the details that a visitor might be given by a search engine. For example, if there is a page that is not included in a website directory software, other search engines would not be identified.

With this in mind, it tells the search engine immediately to go to a particular page rather than scouting through the links, another importance of a site map.

Two questions that are important:

  1. Is the website going to appear as expected, even for robots?
  2. Are the pages precise and crafted efficiently?
    Before he can even begin designing it, making a site map assists the developer in planning the site. The whole thing becomes easier once the pages have been determined, and the designs of the web pages are easily matched to the ideas of the author.

When making a good site map, there are 5 essential tips:

Good Site Must-Have 1
The logo should be linked to the website homepage.

Good Site Must-Have 2
The Site Map must be put under the header, either on top or on the upper left. If all is already in order and certain about the design, never attempt for a while to modify or make adjustments.

Good Site Must-Have 3
There must be an easy way to search the website around it. Do not position the site map in a location that varies from one page to another, as it should be positioned horizontally on the rest of the other pages if it is placed horizontally on one page. However, whether it is a navigation device for a homepage, the situation is distinct. On homepages, this could vary.

Good Site Must-Have 4
In addition, a “HOME” or other similar symbols for a simple workaround or navigation should be connected to the logo of the homepage. The pages to be visited should also be “contact us,” “about our site.”

Good Site Must-Have 5
For a good site map, the golden rule is that the number of clicks from a visitor should lead him every step of the way and not jump to other sites. The movement should be as quick, efficient and, above all, very user-friendly as possible.

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