To help busy small business owners or professionals create a strong presence on social media, we include social media profile network management called “Social Media Management,” so you’re there when your customers and potential customers go looking for you. And you’re not just there, you’re there all the time, building your relevance, your reputation, and your accessibility.

We will provide Social Media Management and Marketing support at a cost you can afford.

For one crazy small cost – only $3.33 per hour for the first sixty (60 days), with a minimum of 33 hours per week for a limited time only. (Regular rate is $5 and above per hour, depending on the volume of tasks) – you will receive quality Social Media Management and Marketing for your company to both Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Instagram. Never worry about missing business opportunities and exposure on social media networks!

Social Media Manager tasks? 

Our duties rely on the contract you have had with us, but here are most of their duties.

Immediate task:

  • Respond to social media negative comments, reviews, and messages

Daily tasks:

  • Respond to messages
  • Find and engage with potential customers
  • Create a conversation with brand advocates / social media influencers
  • Monitor and respond to brand mentions, reviews
  • Look for the latest trends and create a marketing plan that will increase revenue
  • Load calendar with marketing plans
  • Post 2 to 3 times on Twitter
  • Post 2 to 3 times on Facebook
  • Post 2 to 3 times on Pinterest
  • Post 2 to 3 times on Instagram
  • Post 1 time on Linkedin
  • Study products and services and review incoming products
  • Monitor the competition
  • Create and schedule blog posts 2 to 3 times a week.

Weekly tasks:

  • Analyze and create a report for added followers.
  • Create a summary report for reviews and mentions.
  • Engage with the client about how Social Media Pages went thru.
  • Provide suggestions for improvements.
  • Engage with social media influencers.

Monthly tasks:

  • Audit your strategy.
  • Attend local events that will expose your client’s brand and business.
  • Collaborate with the client.
  • Clean the social media pages.
  • Detox social media pages.

Quarterly tasks:

  • Adjust quarterly goals.
  • Evaluate team performance.
  • Evaluate key performance indicators.

Social Media Manager – $100 per week (minimum of 30 hours per week) for the first 60 days.

Note: For new clients, the rate is subject to change, depending on the volume of workload, the regular rate is $120 to $150 per week.

Contact Us for a customize tasks.