The Path to REAL Workable Traffic👌

I’m sure that some of the top traffic tactics such as article marketing, article writing, article submissions, pay per click ads, media purchases, blogging and, of course, SEO are known or at least heard by you.

I do believe that it is possible to use all of these strategies properly and set up marketing funnels to make them very successful. You should actually concentrate on them, since they are all genuine and 100% legitimate.

The problem is that you MUST become experienced about that particular form of traffic generation technique in order to really make all of these strategies work well for you; something FEW people want to do or have the time to spend doing.

Each has pitfalls, will cost you either gobs of time or countless hours sometimes initially with lousy outcomes so many individuals do not realize that these methods of “traffic” are simply an investment in time versus eventual payoff.

Before you actually reduce the learning curve enough that you can begin to have proper conversions, you must specialize, train, struggle endlessly and invest a fortune in the case of pay per click.

In addition, it is pointless to simply push traffic to anything unless you have a method designed to convert tire kicker buyers.

The gurus will sell you highly packaged “courses” about how to generate traffic – but all of these strategies OMIT one reality or gloss over it – unless you can dedicate FULL TIME to these techniques, you are likely to waste your time or just see marginal results.

The question is, have you got a LIFE? The reality is that most people struggle or give up way too fast with these tactics because they have a life and it’s not 10 hours a day marketing and they have no direction.

In this game, don’t be a victim, make sure you get the right information from the start.

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