The TOP All-Time Traffic Scams – Exchanges of Traffic

If you’ve ever wanted to be a hamster on a wheel, feel free to join one of the many online traffic exchanges.

What surprises me is that, despite the fact that very little of their traffic ever converts into anything of value, many individuals still love traffic exchanges.

Exchanges look flashy, colorful and it always seems that, from a marketing perspective, there is a whole lot going on that can benefit you.

I have seen people spending hours “clicking” every day like mad to earn credits, and what is equally ridiculous about this is that marketers are equally desperate on the other side of the computer to click as fast as they can to do the same.

Many of the top exchanges have even incorporated a social aspect and other related MLM like services to keep you interested, and yes, clicking like crazy; or investing your money to sell your site views to others who click frantically.

The issue is, NOBODY is actually looking at the offers of anyone else, and the reality is that these services are great only if you OWN the traffic exchange.

Most individuals discredit the psychology behind what makes traffic exchanges tick, while traffic exchanges can and do send traffic to your site(s).

People think that by clicking and visiting other sites they get good quality traffic and earn visits; yet most people click like mad and never stop looking or participating in any of the ads / sites displayed because there is no incentive to do so!

The few advertisers who understand this ensure that their website Instantly GRABS visitor attention because you have just a few seconds to say something that will crack the “clicking trance” in which most visitors are.

Where is this True gold? TRAFFIC additional offers! Think about this. Why are people in the first place on the exchange? They want their pages to get traffic. But what’s a good way for the traffic sites to work? Make a page with your referral ID that promotes the exchanges. Here is a good example of exploiting several sites and rankings (cleverly disguised) in each of the big traffic exchanges in it. This has referral IDs.

Since most individuals are curious about others in a traffic exchange, this works well to push sign-ups and ultimately make you money and more traffic credits. You can also run this page on several websites and profit from the people who are looking for more traffic:

The bottom line:

Then find a way to sell traffic, refer to other exchanges or just buy your own traffic exchange if you love traffic exchanges.

To sell your clicks and other similar deals to, at least you will have a captive audience. This is the true and only explanation why, regardless of the crap you are told, traffic exchanges exist.

In this game, don’t be a victim, make sure you get the right information from the start.

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