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There is the new “secret release” almost every day about how some dude hit it rich because they found the latest “plugin” or freak algorithmic discovery tools or how the traffic code was broken by some underground internet marketer from Russia. That allows you to hack the internet with the push of a button and drive loads of traffic to your website.

I have never seen anything based on software in the many years of selling goods online that works as these ludicrous statements suggest.

The advertising run by these gurus make this stuff sound cool and elegant and how lucky you are to have discovered this app and how long it will not remain on the market to protect the product so that you had better sign up or miss out.

Do not be FOOLED! I guarantee it’s pure nonsense to you.

You will find that these kinds of scams set up shop, rip people off and disappear if you take the time to do your homework.

It’s very surprising to me how many people fall for this.

I’ve seen this scam done so many times. Nine times out of ten of the apps they are pushing is some free or shareware rip-off with a few tweaks that a programmer was paying to make 50 bucks from Odesk and would never work as seen.

No program, not without a human component, will generate the kind of traffic you need.

Uh, sorry. At least at the moment, it’s just a reality.

There are legitimate software offerings that can help you generate traffic, but you can only partially automate the process nine times out of ten. Maybe there will really be a “magic bullet” app someday, but don’t bet on it.

In this game, don’t be a victim, make sure you get the right information from the start.

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