Two Surefire Ways to Boost Your Profits from Adsense

Most webmasters know that a significant source of extra advertisement revenue is created by Adsense. That is why most of them use it to go for keywords with high payments.

For them, they have lists that say what the keywords are and have already used different approaches to classify them. And yet, the money they expected to come in isn’t really coming in after putting up these supposed-to-be high-paying keywords on their websites.

Two Surefire Ways to Boost Your Profits from Adsense

What is it that they do wrong?

It’s one thing to have pages with the right keywords. But driving visitors to these pages is another matter, and sometimes the missing factor.

The thing is, you need to refine your site navigation to get visitors to your high paying keyword pages.

Pause for a moment to think about how your website is being used by tourists. They appear to click on another page that sounds interesting after a visitor has landed on a certain page. Because of the other connections that exist on a page they originally landed on, they get there. This is navigation from the web. It’s all about getting tourists to fly around your web. And one way to maximize your income from Adsense.

On each tab, a typical website has menu links. The wording on these links is what grabs the attention of a tourist and gets them to click on one of the links that will take them to that website’s other side. “Free” or “download” links are also good attention-grabbers.

You may also apply this navigation logic to push traffic to your high-paying websites. There are several websites that generate a lot of search engine traffic, but have low earnings. The trick is to try to use cleverly labelled connections to get people off those pages and navigate them to the more lucrative ones. This is a perfect way to transform very cheap clicks into real dollars.

You need two items before you start checking if this same style would work for you and your website. Something to track and compare and you want to funnel your site traffic to some high earning sites. An choice is to pick a few of your pages that are regularly visited. This means that results are easy to come by.

The next thing to do now is to think of ways to get tourists to see a specific page to try and click on the link that brings them to your high earning sites.

For that connection, come up with a catchy definition. For the connection, come up with a catchy and unique definition. Think of what people do not get to see on a regular basis. That’s enough to cause their curiosity to try to see what it was all about.

To catch the interest of your readers, you can also use graphics. What you can do to make your relation visible is not constrained. If you’re after the popularity of your web, just to achieve that target, you’ll do whatever it takes. Just be innovative. There are no written and unwritten rules to obey on what they publish, as far as many Adsense marketers are concerned. Only as long as you don’t meet the search engine requirements, then go for it.

Another way to do this is to try different texts on different pages and use them. You’ll see the ones that work and what doesn’t work in that way. Often, try mixing stuff around. Put ties on top, and on the bottom occasionally, too. This is how you monitor which one gets more clicks and which clicks are ignored.

Let the testing start. Testing and monitoring until the type of site navigation that works best for your site is found.

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