Using article sites to drive traffic to your blog

Stickiness wise, article sites are still one of the single best ways to drive traffic and establish a reputation as an expert, all at the same time.
So how is this related to your blog?

Well, for a start, if you’re blogging on the same subject as you’re writing content on, you should have a pretty good niche to promote and can use some of your longer, more coherent posts as content for the article. But there are a couple of steps you MUST take if you want it to work very well.

1) Make sure there is coherence in your post.

Blog posts are meant to be less casual by their design than the typical ‘article’-like you’re having an intimate conversation with a group of friends, rather than a more impersonal debate with your followers, but Bad articles are made at the same time by the best blog posts. But it should be both interesting and somewhat more ‘formal’ to use a blog post that will also be used on article submission sites than regular blog posts.

2) Post it on your page, and at the end add your resource box-you can make it clear that if you like, it is a free reprint, or you can simply post it for your reprints in a category.

You can also have a feed of your reprints that way and include the link in your resource box. Include the permalink to the post itself in your post, which indicates that after publishing the first time, you would need to update the post.

3) Wait a month, send the article to any bookmarking sites in that month, and make sure you optimize its influence by encouraging your readers to ‘opt’ for it as well.

4) Make sure that your post is in the search engines by looking for your article’s first paragraph.

Work to get it there if it’s not in the search engines, read up on site maps and other items designed to get you into the search engines.

5) Submit a limit of 10 reprint sites for your material.

Make sure that your resource box does not breach any of their rules and make sure you leave OPEN comments on these posts (if you normally close them).

Following these five measures will not guarantee your success in using article marketing, but when posting to article reprint sites, they will remove most of the extreme beginner errors people make.

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