Where to Find Reliable Data about Your Market?👌

Identifying valid places to gather accurate business data means you have to ask the right questions. What are the qualifications of the person who first collected the data? What sources are they making use of? Can you check out the source for yourself and make sure it is right in the way they reported it?

You should presume the following sources are correct much of the time, but when others announce their results, you should still look at possible bias.


With the data they have, websites ending with .gov are generally very reliable. The explanation is that the information they gather and the report must be impartial, and they understand how to do it correctly.

Industry Associations

While some industry associations may release some data that is biased against their industry, their raw data collection methods are typically well above the board. Usually, for reliable results, you can trust an industry group.

The same applies to community organizations.

Trade groups, want their trade to be well known, of course, but that is the only position where their prejudice remains. They gather the data in ways that are ideal for accurate reporting.

Business Magazines

In general, well-known business magazines that are actual publications and not just veiled ads would have reliable details that you can use to get started with collecting your data. If nothing else, they may lead you to more sources.

Institutions in Academia

These websites usually end in .edu and can be relied on to generate ethically obtained accurate information. You can find the details online, but in certain cases, you can still visit their libraries. Via Google Scholar, you can access academic information and scholarly information.

News Origins

Great places to start your study are outlets such as The New York Times and other reputable newspapers. While you should take care of opinion pieces, if they list their sources, even slanted and biased opinion pieces will get you started so that you can go straight to the facts. Usually, newspapers have fact-checkers, so you can be certain most of the time that the data.

Study Groups of the Third Party

There are also companies that independently perform research on different industries and data. To help you answer your questions, these are excellent places to search for great knowledge about your business. The Pew Research Center is a very respectable organization.

Individual Experts

You can also get data from well-connected and well-credentialed people who are established in their field as experts. This is not only a perfect way to get the right data for your analysis, it’s primary data that is much more valuable than secondary data.

An important step in conducting market research is to find credible data for your market research.

You need the right information at the right time to answer your questions and help you move your business forward.

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