Where to Focus Your Attention: Top 5 Social Media Sites👌

Top 5 Social Media Sites: Where to concentrate your attention:

There is a growing number of social networking sites, but in order to maximize reach and revenues, paying attention to the top 5 will generate the most opportunities to develop your brand and promote your business.

At present, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Google+ are among the top 5 social media sites. Let’s take a closer look at each one of these to help you determine where to concentrate your focus on social media marketing.


More than 1.1 billion people already have Facebook. This facilitates individual and corporate sites, as well as a selection of written, video and promotional material. It is #1 in the world and #1 where it counts, with customers who have money to invest, amid rumors that Facebook is declining in popularity with a younger audience.

The audience appears to be made up of more women than men. In order to learn more about goods and services and get feedback, both use social search. Women socialize more, and through their accounts, stay in contact with friends and relatives. They are much more likely to be on a mobile device to access their account.

They participate more in groups, polls and surveys and tend to respond better to ads. The ads at Facebook are highly targeted and a good deal cheaper than the Google AdSense network, so making the most of all the free as well as paid marketing opportunities at Facebook is the best way to build your audience rapidly and stay connected with them.


There are 310 million users on Twitter. Most people like it because they believe it’s enjoyable and easy to use. The posts can only be 140 characters long, called tweets, so it is an easy way to update your followers about your business. More women than men are on Twitter and more regularly tweeting. They even re-tweet your tweets or retweet them. This lets you enter a broader circle of individuals. In order to help attract followers and feature tweets, Twitter now has an easy-to-use advertising program.


Business-oriented LinkedIn has 255 million users, with more men using the site than women. LinkedIn works well to communicate and tap into business-to-business possibilities with people you meet. In relation to lead generation, they recently added ads to their deals, i.e., concentrating on getting people to sign up for the email marketing list. They’ve also purchased SlideShare, the #1 PowerPoint presentation sharing platform. Use all 3 opportunities to develop your brand and reach out to business people if your product line appeals.


Pinterest is a platform for social media which focuses on photos. There are 250 million users, with 80 percent of users being women, and the bulk of this sector is over 35. It is a visual social network where individuals pin photos related to specific topics related to goods, services, and more to virtual pinboards. They also re-pin themselves with their social circle to share interesting content.

Studies have shown that about 60 percent of users have made a purchase, with an average payment of $55, based on what they saw at Pinterest. This is the platform for you if your items are highly visual, perfect for women, or you want to tap into a female-centric market.


Google+ is the youngest of the top five networks, but it already has 120 million, mainly male, users. It connects to all your Google activities from your free Gmail account. This also means you can, if you have one, link it to your YouTube channel. YouTube is the world’s #1 video sharing site and, after Google and Facebook, the third most popular site on the Internet. Hangouts and Hangouts on Air from Google+ allow you to use video to attract an audience and reach potential customers.

Good marketing on social media is all about making connections. Open an account to try things out if you’re not already using these 5 top pages.

You may find that you have tapped into a true social media treasure when it comes to finding and connecting with your target market.

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