The five most important things to do with a new blog

There are a couple of ‘must do’ measures no matter where you write, or what you plan to do with your blog.

Step one: make sure you have it installed.

Nothing is worse than having done 99% of the job, only to be let down by the final 1%. You can fill in everything you can to ensure that you have the best fighting opportunity to gain the best exposure for your blog.

This involves some profile settings, and any plugins or other information that needs to be done in the case of WordPress-many plugins and themes require some work to make them available.

Step two: select a theme and stick to it. You’ll need to pick and upload a theme that you like.

A big step in maintaining traffic is making the blog stand out from the rest. More importantly, you’re more likely to focus on it more often if you make it yours.

Adding a theme also makes you look less like a spammer.

Most spammers do not customize their pages, sticking to a few default themes and not adding much personal information.

Phase Three-Write some content.

You should set it up to create a great archive when you’re ready to upload the content. Create and upload at least five articles to your blog.

Step four: Promote content that

Start promoting your blog once you have a nice inventory of content. If you diversify, you can get more traffic if you start using your articles on article pages, exchanges and more, so remember to add your blog to bookmarking sites, and invite your followers to do so too.

Phase 5! Have fun!

Ultimately, blogging is about communicating with readers and will provide you with a reader base to discuss your job, but it will also encourage you to express yourself, make friends, and spread your knowledge on the web. But most of all, blogging is fun, so keep it that way at all times, and have fun!

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